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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 23:53 Write a comment Send E-mail

I just want to say I miss the days of seeing the Carlton Showband performing. Each year it was a treat for me when Mom and Dad said we were going to the Arts & Culture Centre (St. John's) to see the group perform. I do have to say I feel in love with the Laughing Policemen and Biddy McGraw. I remember Song for The Miner and always cried (and still do) when I hear A Mother's Love's a Blessing. Mike Feeney could pull at any person's heart strings. I do remember once seeing the group with my Nan, who from what I've been told by my mom, would visit her (Julia Locke) when they were in St. John's. I do remember sitting and watching her talk to Mike one day (completely gobsmacked watching that and I remember the thoughts going through my head to this very day). I thought the Carlton Showband were the biggest music going - bigger than The Stones. And I still do. I wish my daughter could have had the fortune of seeing this group they way I did. The impact they Carlton Showband made on me will last forever. And she probably forever look at me funny as I laugh uncontrollably to songs like the Laughing Policeman and Jake the Peg. Too bad you guys can't do one round. But, the memories...they will last a lifetime. Thank you.
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