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3) Mark Smith 
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Saturday, 15 November 2014 22:32 Write a comment Send E-mail

I was your recording engineer for many of your albums at RCA studios. I remember when you guys decided to record the Lord's Prayer. I think it was Johnny that sang it. After a powerful and emotional performance, he came into the control room to silence, but a lot of tears and nodding of heads it was quit reverent until someone said "Lord thundering, but that was a whore"

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2) Bobbie-Jean Lightfoot. (Maiden name Brushett 
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Saturday, 15 March 2014 19:44 Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi this message is for Fred White. My dad was Gord Brushett and he passed away in 2012. He has always mentioned you but I never got to meet you. I am sure you heard about my Dad's passing. Just wanted to let you there was always talk about the Carelton show and and great Aunt Laurie always talked about the Showband. I would love if you are doing any performances to let me know where your playing. I live in Oshawa Ontario. Please let me know if your doing any shows I would appreciate it thanks. Bobbie-Jean Brushett (Lightfoot)
1) Ty 
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Friday, 10 January 2014 23:57 Write a comment Send E-mail

My great grandma (RIP) used to play 'If You're Irish' on her record player...its one of the few memories I have of her. I MUST own a copy on CD, if I send-in for a copy; it does come on CD, correct?!?! I've been looking for this album for so long, had no clue who sang them, I just remember the picture on the from of the album with the light-shamrock.

MA White Send E-mail Thursday, 16 January 2014 15:42
Yes, the song IF YOUR IRISH is available on CD and to order it select # 9 on the order form. CD is called BY REQUEST. Thank You
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